Real Estate

We provide complete legal services in areas such as purchase and sale,  mortgage, leasing and securing financing of residential properties and commercial properties. Richard spends a large part of his time in representing people in real estate matters.  We all have experience in leasing  and securing financing of residential properties and commercial properties, including the organization of condominium associations.

Whether you are building, buying new or used, we strongly suggest that you get a home inspection.  Do not rely solely on the appraisal or the information disclosure sheet.  If you are building, an ongoing home inspection will allow you to deal with problems during construction that can be remedied at that time or if you get one before you buy, you can correct any deficiencies before you move in.  You can email Bill Goodwin of Spruceview Inspection Services Ltd. ( or contact him at (780) 689-5337; from personal experiences we can attest that his services were well worth the money spent.

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